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Moving On To New Pastures

Photo by M.A.D.

Photo by M.A.D.


I call it adventures in living. I will be absent from this blog for a while. The time is undetermined, as I will be working along with my sidekick, building a new life, new dreams, and taking a leap of faith. During this time, I will be unable to reply to any comments or comment on any of my favorite blogs. I will miss you all, and as soon as I am able to return to blogging, I will share some of the process. I hope you don’t forget Inkspeare and stop by to read some of the older posts. We will be relocating to more natural and bucolic surroundings, and disconnected for a little while.

Wish us luck, keep us in your prayers, and may God bless you all.



Update on Uranium Mining Proposal in Virginia

Those of you who have followed this blog for some time have read some posts about the proposed uranium mining in Virginia, where I will be moving soon to start a farmette.  Well I have been very concerned about this for many reasons – health, Virginia unsuitable climate for mining, a possible scenario for great contamination, and other issues, including our proximity to the proposed site, at only a few miles.

Well, today I am sharing the good news and that is – THE PROPOSAL WAS DEFEATED!  At least for now, but this is great news.  Here is where you can read about it – Uranium Mining Proposal Suffers Major Defeat/Keep the Ban.  I am extremely happy about this, and I am thanking again all of you who voted to keep the ban in uranium mining in Virginia.  I will keep you informed on the latest developments.  If you want to read more on this important issue that affects other states such as North Carolina, since its supply of water comes from Virginia, in part, you can visit the Keep the Ban website.

A Farmette in the Future

As promised, here is a design of what the Farmette will look like ideally, and what we want to do with it.  It will take some time before all the pieces come together, but eventually they will.



The ultimate plan is to “live of the land” and certainly a simply and organic farm life, so we can both pursue our passions, as well as work together.  It is a ton of work with much patience required, and much dedication, as well as physical strength (hence the 60 days to fitness).  This is the plan now, and while this plan projects years ahead, it is something that we feel we can follow, and create little by little, step by step.

We have named the place MILL CREEK LITTLE TREES, and as you can follow in the visual plan, it includes an area for the veggie garden, as well as areas for a greenhouse, sheds, patio, workshop/garage, garden, cottage, parking, fruit stand, and christmas tree farm.  If we decide to have farm animals (which I don’t think we will since we are only two people, maybe chickens for eggs and a goat for milk – but I doubt it) they will have their home in the back where it is nice and shady, as well as breezy.  The rest of the farm is to the back of the farmhouse, and it is all trees and wild vegetation, which we have no immediate plans for, but which will be great for growing more christmas trees.  Christmas trees take many years to grow to full commercial size, so this is something that we know will go slow.

I started to put on paper some of the steps and creating a work-plan to implement these ideas, and each area will have its own “work-plan” and most likely, I will start creating all the business paraphernalia that will follow – website, flyers, cards, promos … all that stuff since I am able to do that myself.  In the mean time, whatever we don’t know yet, we’ll start learning.  I have a motto and that is “there is nothing that cannot be learned at one point or another, if you make the time.”

Right now, everything looks so intimidating and overwhelming, especially when the budget is $0.00, but I have learned that “once in your mind, the only one stopping it to reality is you” so as far as I believe, it is done in its own perfect time with God’s blessing.

I hope that you enjoy this post, and I will keep posting any progress, as usual.