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Moving On To New Pastures

Photo by M.A.D.

Photo by M.A.D.


I call it adventures in living. I will be absent from this blog for a while. The time is undetermined, as I will be working along with my sidekick, building a new life, new dreams, and taking a leap of faith. During this time, I will be unable to reply to any comments or comment on any of my favorite blogs. I will miss you all, and as soon as I am able to return to blogging, I will share some of the process. I hope you don’t forget Inkspeare and stop by to read some of the older posts. We will be relocating to more natural and bucolic surroundings, and disconnected for a little while.

Wish us luck, keep us in your prayers, and may God bless you all.



The Sweetness of Country Life

I love the country, and can’t wait for moving day.  Yes, I love the rural life and the solitude of green acres, the fresh morning scent, and the scent of fresh dirt that just got digged up … I can go on and on.  There is one WordPress blog that reminds me of that and is candy to my eyes – The Simple Life of a Country Man’s Wife

I have followed this blog and love its candor but also that every day is a little surprise for the reader.  Just as the blogger expresses it “A prairie woman choosing to enjoy each season, in weather and in life.”  This describes the blog well.  Here you will find farm life photos, inspirational scenery, the practical, the adorable, the useful, the real country life challenges in modern times, poetry, and anything that Country Man’s Wife wants to share that day.  You will also meet Country Man and all his country adventures and tasks.  The format is simple and uncomplicated, easy to the eyes and serene.  I will describe this blog as very refreshing.

If you love the country life, thinking about it, or just like a fresh approach to everyday life in the country, head to The Simple Life of a Country Man’s Wife and take a look.  It is certainly worth a visit and a following.