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The Measure of Success

wood meter

wood meter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today’s post was “The Vintage Office,” however, after reading a post this morning, I decided to write a different post, and reschedule that one.  The post inspired me to ponder/write about the issue of success, and what it means or how it measures. The more I thought about it, it continued to be clear to me that success is not something that can be defined in one way, neither measured.

Our society conditions us to measure success by the expectations of the majority, and we may end up measuring our own success with the same narrow stick – money, material possessions, fans, popularity … . However, success goes beyond labels and expectations, and it should matter more to us at a personal and deeper level.  You should measure your own success by the ruler that you create at a particular moment in your life, and that is why what others think of success, might not necessarily apply to you.

What is success to you? Think about it, and think deep. What makes you happy? What rings your bell? What is your ideal state of success? It may be wealth, it may be glory, it may be writing a novel, maybe, being able to stay alive one more day. Those represent examples of success for somebody. Someone is measuring success by what makes them happy or fulfilled, and that differs between people.

This is why it is important to never apply someone else’s definition of success to your own; otherwise, you will be miserable and may waste your time following someone else’s dream and path, or someone else’s misdirection.

The timing of success varies as well. Today, you might find success in making tons of money; tomorrow, you may find success in giving part of it away – and making other’s dreams possible. In both circumstances, you have been successful, but according to your own measure of success. It may be that you want to write a novel and publish it. You work hard at it, and finally, you publish it – you have been successful in accomplishing that part of your success story. The rest, you keep measuring one inch, one step, one dream at a time, making yourself accountable, by your own efforts and determination.

The frustration and sadness, as well as the insecurity or doubt comes to us when we use someone else’s yard stick to measure our own success, being that, someone’s opinion of what “success or greatness means,” or when we compare our lives or our own success to that of another, not realizing that although we are all related and intertwined in this universe, it is only by achieving the measure of our own success that we make our contribution to the universe, and find happiness/fulfillment.

I have been guilty myself of measuring my success by the rulers of others, at times, as well as by the dreams of others (whether for themselves or their dreams for me); however, it wasn’t until I understood this concept that I was able to let go of all the rulers collected over time (and a long time that was), and start adding inches to my own.

Think of what makes you happy, of what you love, of what makes your bell ring, and your days brighter … measure your success by attaining those.

Much success to you all!

WWYD? – Questions to Alter Your Reality

Most people dream about something in the future, whether they create goal plans or not.  Our nature is to dream; we are dreamers.  We love to achieve, to go forward, to obtain, as we did once, as hunters, gatherers, and inventors.  We keep evolving, and each step (back or forward) will produce change, and therefore, a reaction.  Whether that reaction catapults us into creating our dreams, or not, it is up to us (always) to go in pursue, set sail, walk the journey, and create the path.  No one can do it for us.

Whether your reality now seems closer or far away from your dreams, it is up to you to activate your path – the path that will take you there.  Most of the time, it only takes a change in mindset, and things start falling into place.  One way to start activating the path to your dreams is to ask yourself questions to alter your reality.  If you know what your goals/dreams are, then, you are one step ahead.  If you don’t, then the first question to ask yourself is “What do I love?”

These questions will serve as a tool to help you alter your reality and inspire you to activate the path to your dreams.  What Would You Do?

  • Do I love my present reality?
  • How do I feel about it?  Why? Why? Why? (keep answering the why until you cannot answer it anymore)
  • Is there something missing in this reality?
  • What would make my reality a Complete Now?
  • Would changing my attitude/perception change/improve my reality?
  • What is the dream that is not present now in my reality?
  • Why?
  • What do I have to do to manifest it? (steps)
  • What is the next logical step?  Repeat until you are closer to your dream reality.  When we work towards taking the next logical step, it is likely that we begin to walk the path.
  • What are my perceived obstacles – the ones that I think impede my dream to become my reality?
  • If all the “perceived obstacles” were removed,  what would I do?
  • Considering the answer to the previous question, is there any step that I cannot (truly) take now?  Why?
  • What would I have to do to work on the steps I can do now?

These are questions that I have asked myself at one point.  The answers have shown the path, as well as the crafting of a road map.  I hope that this post is of some inspiration to you.

photo by Maria Antonia Diaz

photo by Maria Antonia Diaz

The Silent Revolution

There is a Revolution going on, and 2013 is an affirmation year.  It is a silent revolution, and I see it happening all around.  I see awakening.  I see people caring more.  I see people going for their dreams, straight out.  I see artists realizing their potential and going for it.  I see writers breaking the shackles that once imprisoned them and embracing their craft.  I see people going back to basics and re-orienting themselves, their families.  I see young people knowing that it is ok to dream and it is ok to pursue those dreams.  I see artists, scientists, mathematicians, physicists, individuals … working in a new direction, efforts concentric and wholesome.  I see young families going back to agriculture, and I see young couples loving the land.  I see responsible self-sufficient communities being born and developing.  I see proud farmers, and I see their young, being proud of the lifestyle and the blessings of the land.  I see people embracing technology as a good thing and not “evil” or “difficult.”    Humanity is awakening, and learning to live without self-imposed chains; loving this planet.  Humanity is embracing new beginnings.

This, I see around me, and it is a Silent Revolution.  Are you in it? – because it is unstoppable!

The Worst and Best Motivator

This shot was taken in a very lonely road goin...

This shot was taken in a very lonely road going outside of Sapa in north Vietnam. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chances are you won’t make it.” – I consider that phrase the worst and best motivator.

Why?  Because it can motivate you to fight against the odds, inspire you to prove them wrong, and fuel your heart; but on the other hand, it can take all that away from you, demoralize you and send you to the bottom of the barrel.  It is true that many times, it depends on where it comes from – on who said it; however, the attitude you choose is up to you.  Either fight back and hold on to your dream or sink to the bottom.

Ah, but is not that easy.  When you hear that phrase after many trials and failures it becomes heavier, and your beat up vulnerable heart and spirit has weakened to a point where you think that you have no strength to prove them wrong, to fight against the odds or to keep holding on.  It is very different if that was said to you when you started your journey, isn’t it?  All fresh, with tons of energy, exuberant and smelling of soon to be success, drunk on the juices of the big dream cocktail and ready to fight against the odds, prove them wrong, and hold on with your teeth if necessary.  What happened?

The journey happened.  It is all part of the journey, the trials, the failures, the tiredness, the broken heart, the broken dreams, the broken spirit …  Until you understand that all is part of the journey, you won’t be able to keep going.  It is the path that takes you there, but only you can follow it.

Stepping Back to Move Forward

In the pursuit of our goals, many times we may stray from our path, by walking the road we think we must be on to achieve them.  This may sound as a contradiction, but it is not.  For example, you might have worked hard in trying to achieve your dreams, and suddenly realize, that the path you are on – the same path that is supposed to make those dreams possible – is taking you farther from them.  How is that possible?  Well, it is.

It has to do with approach.  When you have a goal, there are many ways to work towards achieving it – many approaches, many paths.  It happens that sometimes, one of those paths is not quite leading to what feels as “this is it” or “I am getting there.”  You may even feel that you are getting sidetracked and going nowhere.  In that case, you have to step back and take a look at the picture in front of you.  It can be compared to looking at a painting – if you are too close to it, it becomes blurry; once you take a step back, you start seeing the picture once more.  Our dreams are not so different from that example.

Learning when to step back is where it may be a bit tricky.  When you are actively pursuing your dream, and you start feeling disconnected to it or just going trough the motions, that is a sign.  It is telling you that you have to step back and reassess your path.  A question that I ask myself is – “If I continue in this path, what will be the possible result?”  This usually gives me a clue that lets me know that it is time to change the approach, without abandoning my goal.  I may have to eliminate some things, keep others, or do something different.  Sometimes, it is a matter of evaluating where you are and thinking of what set you on that path.  Many times, the answer waits at the start. 

Sometimes, it is hard to comprehend that just because an approach is not working as expected, it does not mean that you have to throw your entire plan away.  In that case, it is necessary to step back to move forward.