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Homemade Tow Dump Cart

Here is another genius Eddie project made from recycled materials – a homemade metal tow dump cart.  This time it is sone by recycling an old metal shelf that was in the shed. He built it a couple of months ago.  Most materials are recycled,except for the two wheels, which he bought new.  A new Tow Dump Cart will cost you over $150 at your local home improvement store.  Here are some pics of the project. Total cost for the project, less than $25.

Shelf has been dismantled.
Beginning of the assembly using the parts and screws to form the shape.
Side view
Underneath assembly

Another view of it underneath, almost there.
This is that front part, where it will be pulled.
Taking shape
Back view
Front view
A series of pictures of the final product
He took it with him on his last trip to the farmhouse.
And there you have it, a homemade tow dump cart or garden cart.

Mission Accomplished!

Mission Accomplished!  The trailer with our stuff has been delivered and Eddie was able to do some work in the agenda.  He was able to tackle everything on the list with the help of his b-i-l Tony.  Here is what the three-day agenda looked like:

  • Deliver and secure the trailer
  • Cut the grass
  • Trim some trees
  • Clean the old shed and empty its garbage
  • Pour cement on side
  • Get rid of old wood stove and water tank
  • Get rid of any bug nests on the inside and sweep clean
  • Get lawn tractor ready and tuned up for next grass cutting

All of it was done and here are some pics.

The Eagle has landed.
Tony laboring with the old lawn tractor.
Cleanup time!

More cleaning!
And more …
Some cement was poured to fix a tricky area.
Sweeping the old shed.  This shed is very old and made out of logs and mortar.  Eddie built that small wagon by scratch with scrap material – he saved over $150.00.
Beautiful old construction
The old tin roof still looks good on the inside.
The old well has been uncovered – It was covered in wild vines and stuff.
They even had some time to fix and old style railing that was rotted and falling apart.  Needs to be repainted.  The steps have to be cemented to look like the old ones and painted.
This concludes this trip’s agenda.  Soon, we’ll get there.

Hope you enjoyed this posting. 

Dessert in a Flash – Four Ingredients to the Rescue!

If you ever find yourself in the predicament of serving dessert but have nothing at hand, forgot to pick something up, and there is no time to go to the market, here is a lifesaver I came up with last night.  The results – just delicious!  All you need is four common ingredients and to just put them together.


1 pack of homestyle biscuits
A jar of Nutella
Pancake Syrup
Confectionery sugar

Place the biscuits in baking dish.  Brush pancake syrup on top of each one.  Bake according to directions.  Once baked, take them out and with a spoon, spread Nutella on top of each one.  Finish with a sprinkle of confectionery sugar.  That is all there is to it!  It took less than 10 minutes to make this recipe.  Here are some pictures of how they came out.

Hope you enjoyed this project.

Vintage Greetings

I love the Holidays!  I love Christmas!  My Christmas cards are already in the mail bearing lots of cheer to the recipients.  “From our house to your house,” as one favorite vintage card reads.
Vintage cards are a great way to greet your friends and family during the holidays.  They are full of nostalgia and they usually depict images of warmth and happy times.

I am always on the look for unused vintage cards.  Besides doing a favor to Mother Earth, you are also reliving memories of yesteryear and being creative with your holiday cards.  You can find these at eBay, antique shops, garage sales, estate sales …
Make someone smile when they open your holiday card.  Here are a few of my favorites so far.  Enjoy these happy images!

From our house to your house.
Playful Angels
Happy Old Santa
Peaceful Christmas

Crafty Fall Centerpiece

I love homemade things.  I prefer homemade gifts as well.  My sister made a beautiful fall centerpiece for her Fall wedding.  It is very attractive and easy to do.  You can use real flowers and pine cones or silk ones.  The stand and vase can be adapted for any season or holiday, just by changing the flowers and ribbon.  This is a very nice project and practical as well.  Materials you will need include an empty crystal vase, ribbon,flowers and other items that you might like to include in the arrangement, and a piece of natural wood as a stand, which you can cut from a down tree.  The vase can be any type of clear glass, even recycled for an environmentally friendly fall arrangement. You will need glue to secure the ribbon and any other embellishments.  Here is a picture of the gorgeous centerpiece for Autumn.

wood base
Hope you enjoyed this project.

How to Make a Cat Tree Cat Scratcher

Eddie got into the mood of building cat scratchers.  I posted pictures of the first one in a previous post.  He made another one, again using recycled and scrap wood and two small scratch poles that the cats did not care for.  All materials used in this project are from scrap and given a second chance.  We are pleased with the results, and so are the felines. 
Here are pictures of the project, some are a bit fuzzy since Eddie took them with the camera in the wrong setting, but it gives you an idea on how to do it. 

Here are some of the scrap wood and part of the cat poles
Another piece – the measurements are what you want them to be, it depends on how big your cats are.  Mine are all big cats, so he built it a bit large.
Attaching the pieces together
Some wood parts have been attached but not permanently – just to show you, as they will have to be covered with carpet remnants.
This is the other part that will be attached to the part that has already been built.
Starting to cover with carpet – the carpet is leftover from when we carpeted the upstairs.
Here is the piece  being covered  – he used screws and staples in the process of covering and attaching the pieces.
The other part has been covered as well.
Side view of the finished product.  He left the rope part uncovered so the cats can scratch it, and attached the toy up top the other pole (these two pieces where from small scratchers that the cats did not pay attention too).
Another view from the other side of the final product.
Hope you enjoy this project and maybe attempt it yourself, if you have kitties.

Home Made Cat Gym and Scratcher

We love our felines and we are always trying to make their lives with their human companions happier.  Eddie decided to make a cat gym and scratcher since the old one was already worn and not that stable. Cat gyms can be very expensive and cost hundreds of dollars, so he decided to build one with scrap wood and recycled pieces of carpet.  The result was a cat gym that they love and much better than the one they had.  Here are pictures of the process from beginning to end.  If you have cats, this is very easy to do and takes just a few hours, maybe less if you are very handy.  Your cats will love it. 

It started with the design on paper
Materials included scrap wood
Marking the wood
Taking shape, building a box
Starting to look like something cats would like
Almost there
Sunny is curious.
Piewackett checks it out too.
The final product with an inclined scratcher for hours of happy scratching!  We may add a soft pad for sleeping at the bottom and maybe hang a mouse or two.