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The Gift

Wishing all a Happy Holiday Season. I will be back on January. In the meantime, I leave you with this Christmas poem I just wrote. I hope you enjoy it.


The Gift


A snowflake shimmers

Falling down to Earth

A blanket of purity

Awaiting a birth.


Far away a star twinkles bright the night,

Diamonds on velvet

The firmament shines,

Announcing King, Child.


The hay in the manger

Keeps Majesty warm,

While chorus of Angels

Sing quiet nearby.


A mother and father

Observe with delight,

A Savior from heaven,

Their innocent child.


Whenever you see a snowflake, a star

Or nested the Earth in the eyes of a child,

Think of Heaven’s Love

For you, wrapped up on that night.






Photo by M.A.D.

Photo by M.A.D.



Vintage Greetings

I love the Holidays!  I love Christmas!  My Christmas cards are already in the mail bearing lots of cheer to the recipients.  “From our house to your house,” as one favorite vintage card reads.
Vintage cards are a great way to greet your friends and family during the holidays.  They are full of nostalgia and they usually depict images of warmth and happy times.

I am always on the look for unused vintage cards.  Besides doing a favor to Mother Earth, you are also reliving memories of yesteryear and being creative with your holiday cards.  You can find these at eBay, antique shops, garage sales, estate sales …
Make someone smile when they open your holiday card.  Here are a few of my favorites so far.  Enjoy these happy images!

From our house to your house.
Playful Angels
Happy Old Santa
Peaceful Christmas

A Special Christmas Card

Right after Thanksgiving, I sent out all my Christmas cards – they were ready for mailing since the first of November. Along with the good news that the Farmhouse title issues are being worked out, the first Christmas cards are already coming in the mail.  Every year I postin my Country Diary the most beautiful Christmas card received ; also, the first and last one (the straggler).  The first card we received was attached to our garbage can.  It was from the pickup crew, a beautiful Christmas Tree card. 

The 1st card
I love to receive Christmas cards.  After I post the chosen ones in this year Country Diary, the rest will become bookmarks and inspiration for other fun projects.  
If you have not sent out your holiday cards yet, I would like to pass on to you an address that my friend gave me.  It is probably the most important Holiday card that I sent this year.  It was addressed to:  A Recovering American Soldier c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center  6900 Georgia Ave NW, Washington DC  20307.
Sometimes, the people who have given all, so we can have a happy Christmas with our families would like to hear how we feel about the sacrifices they have made, in fighting for our Country.  I invite you to send that special Christmas or Holiday card.  Even if it is the only one that you send this year.
I will have Joy receiving this year’s Christmas cards and can’t wait to have my private little card contest.  The winner will be proudly displayed in the first page of my 2010 Country Diary (I order mine through Doubleday Book Club).  I started this tradition a while ago and love to wait for the cards to arrive in anticipation of the “winner.”
Picture of this year Country Diary

Learning to Procrastinate

Well, the Holidays are almost here – Thanksgiving is around the corner – and all my dishes are in boxes in the attic.  I really thought that our house would be sold by now, so I went crazy and put almost everything in boxes.  One purpose was to declutter, eliminate what we were not taking with us, and the other, staging the house so buyers would appreciate it better.  I wanted to start decorating for the holidays, but that is another consequence of jumping the hoops way ahead.  The Christmas decorations are all the way in the back, behind many boxes (as I said, I was confident the house would sell soon).   I still am; it is a matter of perspective – I only need one buyer.  But in the meantime, I have to rescue some china and some decorations – just a few, to make things festive.

Maybe I should take this procrastination thing more serious.  Maybe I should start slowing down more – it will be excellent practice for what lies ahead in the simple country life.  See, I just realize I did it again – “excellent practice for what lies ahead … ”  Maybe this is something that I cannot turn off that easy, it will take practice and patience – after all, they say that practice makes perfect.

Here are a couple of pics of the mountains to be moved to rescue some Christmas decorations.

Empty cupboards.
Oh well, it will be good exercise to drop a couple of pounds.