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“Inspirational fiction author Maria Antonia Diaz delights readers of fiction and non-fiction by offering works that combine adventure with the supernatural and the divine.”

Navigating in the vast sea of information, a tiny dot in cyberspace, a ripple in time … the written word becomes alive, one tap, one click at a time.

INKSPEARE is an outlet for inkspiration, inkgenuity, inkmagination, inkdiosyncrasy, inktellectual exchange, inkdividuality, inkdulgence, inkformation, inkquisition, inktrospection, inktuition, inkterpretation, inksight, and at its worst, of public inkgnominy.

INKSPEARE is where I can share some of my passions – from my professional work as a freelance writer, to some of my personal interests.  I will share my journey as a writer and my efforts at trying to live more responsible on this planet, which includes moving from hectic Jersey to rural Virginia, and restoring a dilapidated farmhouse.  Both journeys happening at once; but mostly, I hope I can inspire others via this blog.

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About Me

Maria Antonia Diaz  a.k.a. Piny

I am a Freelance writer/author who enjoys many artistic venues.  I have worn many hats during my lifetime, and I am thankful for each experience. One day, I decided to follow my true passion.  My company is The Owl, Book, and Candle.  Between my love for writing and Art, I find myself searching for more hours in the day; however, I have completed four novels and I’m in the process of writing the fifth.  Through Inkspeare, I try to capture/share some facets of my life and work.  I try, as best as I can, to put all my passions into perspective and give them a creative outlet.  I have been able to do that through Inkspeare and The Owl, Book and Candle.  Overall, I am a student of the Universe, and a Master of none.

Sometimes, you will see an entry on a specific company or subject.  I am expressing my opinion about some products and services, and I am not endorsing them.  Please, do your own research on products or services mentioned here.

Thank you awesome bloggers for these blogging awards.  It is nice to know that Inkspeare has been of inspiration, and these certainly inspire me as well.

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