Thank you to all who visited the blog while I have been absent recuperating from a broken arm. I am back to writing and happy to be back blogging. I had plenty of time to ponder, and of course, the mind starts asking questions and probing the spirit. I asked myself – “At this stage of your life, what would be your inspirational motto; what words would you live by now?” Immediately, I searched for an answer and I found it in one of my character’s lines – Dinorah Sandbeck (The Dinorah Chronicles – The Book of Sharon). I decided to make it my own and designed a simple logo that I could place in my journal, planner, and anywhere else as a constant reminder. You will see it in this blog as well. I used Microsoft Office Publisher to create it. Here it is.

The Dinorah Chronicles - Ramblings of the Spirit

The Dinorah Chronicles – The Book of Sharon

It is important to me that I live with meaning and purpose, and I welcome any idea that will inspire me to do so. Life is full of seasons, and each season brings its own inspiration – different for everyone. I am starting a new season and with it an array of motives, ideas, feelings and emotions, spiritual and material experiences, and the unexpected, which I welcome with open arms (pun intended).

What about you? Have you thought about what season are you in at this time? If you were to adopt a life quote or inspirational motto, what would it be? I hope that you give it some thought and design your life logo to inspire you during your season (or seasons to come). For me, it will be interesting to see when the creation of another logo is inspired by another season as it arrives. For now, I will enjoy this one. Feel free to comment and share your life motto with us.