There is a Revolution going on, and 2013 is an affirmation year.  It is a silent revolution, and I see it happening all around.  I see awakening.  I see people caring more.  I see people going for their dreams, straight out.  I see artists realizing their potential and going for it.  I see writers breaking the shackles that once imprisoned them and embracing their craft.  I see people going back to basics and re-orienting themselves, their families.  I see young people knowing that it is ok to dream and it is ok to pursue those dreams.  I see artists, scientists, mathematicians, physicists, individuals … working in a new direction, efforts concentric and wholesome.  I see young families going back to agriculture, and I see young couples loving the land.  I see responsible self-sufficient communities being born and developing.  I see proud farmers, and I see their young, being proud of the lifestyle and the blessings of the land.  I see people embracing technology as a good thing and not “evil” or “difficult.”    Humanity is awakening, and learning to live without self-imposed chains; loving this planet.  Humanity is embracing new beginnings.

This, I see around me, and it is a Silent Revolution.  Are you in it? – because it is unstoppable!