With just a couple of weeks to go, it is time to set up the agenda for the next “restoration trip” and I have to say that although we have done a lot with a very tight budget, we still have a long way to go and it seems that the roof will make us break the original budget of $13,000 for the entire project.  The estimate for the roof is around $5,000, which as you can see, will take us up to roughly the amount of the original budget.  But we have decided to hold off on the roof for a couple months.  So far, we have spent (tightly) $7245 on work and materials, not counting the expenses on gas, food, and other misc that the trip require (about $500 each trip).    Now, some big-ticket items such as windows had to be custom-made due to the size and opening of the original windows not matching standard materials, and pretty much, that has been the story with everything else we have attempted, and that is, we are doing much of the work ourselves (except for the windows and termite/bug treatments).  Just to give you and idea of the condition of the house from when we spotted it until now, this earlier post describes it best, at least on the outside.  For more pictures and details you can type farmhouse on the search box of this blog and it will bring up some older posts.


Once we get past the roof, the next big-ticket item will be the well, that is, if it is dry – as we don’t know for sure.  Then, the rest will be easier.  So far, this trip’s agenda looks like this.

Saturday – Drive there.

Sunday – Cut the blessed grass – again.

Monday – Finish the steps outside and paint them.  Clean the inside, plus we have to vacuum the entire place and eliminate some debris that is still inside.  That will take all day.  Take measurements for Tuesday’s job.  Measure the inside stairs as well.

Tuesday – We are planning to build the frame for the upstairs closets.  If there is any time left, we will start working on the next day job.

Wednesday – We need to spackle and fix the stairway wall, which we are keeping since the stairs where build after it was up.  We figured that since it is still in good shape it only needs some spackle, sanding, and some paint much later.  We are planning on highlighting this wall and make it a family tree wall later on, where family pics will hang.  We also want to work on fixing the steps, which have to be built new and have a non-standard shape and size – it figures.

Thursday – Finish working on steps if not finished.  That day we plan to work on opening the floor in the backroom and fix/support any beams that may need support.  We will have to lay down the wood without nailing as the burst plumbing presents an issue.

Friday – Finish anything that needs to be done from this agenda.  Some beams upstairs need a bit of reinforcement which won’t take much time.  If nothing else, then we can tackle fixing the outside porch beams, which need that some of the wood be replaced, but we are looking at that as an extra task.

Saturday – We will travel back to Jersey.

The budget for this trip is $1300.00 which includes gas, food, materials, and some miscellaneous.  Let’s see how we do this time.