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This post was inspired by Ollin’s post in Courage2Create.  It is a beautiful and inspirational post – here’s the linkC2C is one of my favorite blogs because you never know when Ollin is inspired to write the words you need to hear that day.  In this post, Ollin wrote about finding your truth.

As a result, I was pondering about “my truth” and how it related to this blog.  If you have visited my blog for some time, you already know that … how can I say this, well, I am all over the place as far as content goes (I don’t know if that is a bad thing).  What I mean is that this blog ranges in topics from my writing journey to my art, my shops, my passions, the things I love, present and future projects, as well as the restoration of an old farmhouse and moving to another state.  I cannot say that Inkspeare is only about writing because it is not; it is more about my truth – my present truth, and how I wish to inspire others through that truth.

When I think about it, Inkspeare reflects who I am, maybe a bit of where I am, maybe a bit of where I am headed as a person/artist/writer.  And yes, I have to admit that I am a bit all over the place sometimes, as far as tackling projects and doing things; however, in a very organized and systematic way – never crazy-messy.  I cannot stand crazy-messy.

I hope that as a reader of this blog, you understand where I am coming from and don’t feel confused – uninspired – cheated – huh? – when you visit one day and read about writing and come back the next day and read a post about gluten-free products or one of my art projects.  I apologize if that has been the case and I have confused/annoyed you.  In a way, when thinking about my truth, I guess it is all over the place as well.  Is that bad?  Not as long as I inspire or offer something new to at least one single reader.

And without more to say, I leave you with this musing,

“Be of good to humanity, but over all be of good to yourself, enjoy your life, enjoy your people, for you will never know when they will cease to exist.  Start each day with a fresh breath, minty life, open your eyes, feel the sun, caress your loved one, human or pet, say thank you for what you hear, see, feel, touch, taste, have, dream, because when you dream, it means that you still hope, and when there is hope, it means that you are alive in spirit.  Dare to dream, dare to live, dare to be, but over all, love and be of good to them and be of good to yourself.”