Slowly but steady – that is how I describe our progress fixing the old farmhouse.  We are due for a restoration trip and we are planning the agenda.  As usual, we try to cram all kinds of tasks and chores in 6 days, and as usual we will be working from sun up till sun down, trying to cover everything in the agenda.  If you have followed the restoration, you probably got tired of waiting but the drive there is long and we are following the rules, which are cash only and diy.  In addition, the materials and people hired for the jobs that we cannot do ourselves must be local businesses, small businesses preferable.  In addition, we don’t want to change anything, we want to restore it and keep it as close to the original house, so we basically will be following what is there and fixing or replacing; however, due to the poor condition everything has to be replaced, and right now, the house is just an empty shell on the inside, as all walls and fixtures have been removed –  picture just wood.  It is helpful to mention that there is no running water or electricity, which slows us down a bit.

So here is what the agenda looks like, so far.  Hopefully we will be able to tackle everything on the list.

Day 1 – Cut all grass and spruce up outside (this takes all day).  Set up a roof estimate.

Day 2 – Pull out all nails from the wooden walls – It is an old construction, over 100 years old, so the wood is very hard, and there are nails everywhere.  There must be more than a thousand nails, which we have to remove before proceeding with other work.  This will take us all day as well.  Measure the rooms where we will work. These are the kitchen and backroom,which are in need of a new floor. By floor I mean, we have to yank out the subfloor and replace with new wood.  We also have to measure the back door and replace with a new one, including a storm door.  The frame needs fixing in that area.

Day 3 –  Buy the necessary material/wood/doors.  Rip off the existing floor (subfloor) and start replacing with new.  I think we will get to do the kitchen and possibly part of the backroom.

Day 4 –  Continue with the previous day job, until finished.  We expect to be done in two days.  Take measurements for the next day project.

Day 5 – Build an awning for the back door to protect it from the elements and moisture.  That day we will buy the materials needed for that project, before heading to the house.  Measure and assess materials needed for next day project.

Day 6 –  We intend to fix the backdoor steps and paint them.  Hopefully we can get to this part, but we are not sure if we will have enough time left.  I am crossing my fingers.  The next day we are driving back.

I will post pictures of the before and after process, as usual.  To catch up from the beginning,  just write farmhouse on the search box and all the posts referring to the restoration will show up.  Here are some links, the second link contains the most important links about the restoration, from the first day.