I love candles.  Nothing like cleaning the house and lighting a candle – it just makes me happy.  Candles have gone up in price to the point of ridicule.  I got tired of paying over $5 for a small candle that will last a day or two the most.  I decided to turn a few old taper candles that I had stored, into aroma therapy candles.  For this, I used some empty candle jars that I had and three white candles, the very long kind.  Since I was not using these taper candles they were in need of a transformation.  All it took was a little time and not much effort, I did this project while I was getting dinner ready.  Here are some pictures.

This is the materials I used, two pans, old candles (used the white for this project), pliers to pull out the wick, scissors, recycled jars, essential oil – in this case rose and lavender.

Break your candles in pieces, pull out the wick to be reused, and melt in a container on top of a saucepan with water – double boiler.  Add a few drops of essential oils.

To make it easier for the wick to stand, just cut a piece of metal, triangular shape works for me, and make a hole in the center, then insert the recycled wick in it.  This will help it stand better when you pour the melted wax.

To keep the wick in place when you pour the wax into the recycled jar, use this simple trick – a fork.  This will also hold it in place until it cools and hardens.

Once the wax is hardened, cut the wicks.  I was able to make 3 aroma therapy candles, all from recycled materials.  Money saved about $15 + and tax.

If you have some old candles this is a good way to use them up.