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Every year you get many holiday cards (a friend of mine gets hundreds); what do you do with them after you display them for the holidays?  You may save a couple for sweet memories of the season, your favorites – but what about the rest?  Give them a new life.  Here are some simple ideas to reuse and recycle.  Mother Earth will thank you.

  1. Discard (recycle) the written part and save the cover (front) to use as a post card.
  2. Cut to use as gift tags.
  3. Use the front part as book markers.
  4. Attach a ribbon to the cover and make a Christmas tree ornament.
  5. Use the blank part (cover) as thank you notes for any gifts received.
  6. Use them to cut images for your holiday scrap book.
  7. Attach two covers with book binding tape and make a new card, use as folder when you attach pockets to it (keep holiday coupons, reminders and gift lists for next year in it).
  8. Three-hole punch two large covers and fill with paper in the middle – instant Christmas note pad or journal.  Add ribbon and you can give them out at your holiday parties as small favors.
  9. Glue or attach together two fronts (covers) and use them as money envelopes (or you can fold a large one in half).
  10. Stack them at your desk and use them as scrap/doodle paper during the year.  The pretty images will bring a smile to your face every day and get you ready for the holidays.

There are many other uses that you can come up with a little imagination.  The important thing is that they don’t go in the trash can.  Give them a second life.