This is one of those overdue posts that are actually good for something.  As I have mentioned before, we are trying to learn to live by the four R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, and Recycle – and many times, we Upcycle as well.  Hubby picked up a discarded lawnmower and decided to give it a try by restoring it and making it workable again.  After all, our little mower had been left at the old farmhouse and the grass here needed a last cut before the winter.  So this find was perfect timing!  He dismantled, cleaned, tested and repainted, replaced the part(s) that needed replacing and the thing is working great and looking spiffy once more.  Here are pictures of what he did.

This is how the lawnmower looked before

It was very dirty on the inside.

He dusted it, cleaned it up, and removed debris.

Removed the parts that needed fixing.  Don’t ask me what this is called.

In the process, he had a change of heart and decided to change the color as well.

The whole thing got the royal treatment.

There are parts everywhere – all being cleaned and repainted.

Putting things back together.

Back view

View from the top

And here are the pictures of the revamped and improved lawnmower.

Hope you enjoyed this project.