Typical Dollar Store, San Francisco

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The local Dollar Store is one of my favorite places to get cute stationary, pens, gift wrapping,  folders … at a super cheap price (1.00), plus part of its appeal is that the stock continuously changes.  When I walked thru the books aisle, it dawned on me that the section was getting bigger.  This got me thinking – where those the books that never sold, that did not do so well with the readers, or was it just part of a closeout?

I continued pondering this, and this is when I realized how much blood and sweat the writers of those books (that were now selling at a $1.00) had to endure – long hours at the computers, tons of revisions …  Then, I thought, for most unpublished writers, the first book contract represents a lot, the pinnacle, the arrival … the reward for the years of hard work and dedication.  What would they think if they saw their book there?  Would they be disappointed or not?

This got me thinking some more – the first book contract is just the first footstep in a long path – the journey just began and the success of that book, of that first step, will depend much on the marketing, but also on the readers.  This is not the pinnacle.  Then I thought, I don’t want to write worrying about all this stuff – would it sell, not sell, end up at the Dollar Store aisle? …   That’s when I had my epiphany – It truly doesn’t matter; I want to write because there is a story that has to be told and I love doing so.  That is when I saw that isle as a second chance for that story – for the many readers that will now get their hands on it at a mere $1.00.  Was that so bad?  Not if I choose to not worry about that part, and enjoy the part that matters most – the writing.

What do you think?  Will you be upset if your book ends up at the $1.00 aisle?