Here is another genius Eddie project made from recycled materials – a homemade metal tow dump cart.  This time it is sone by recycling an old metal shelf that was in the shed. He built it a couple of months ago.  Most materials are recycled,except for the two wheels, which he bought new.  A new Tow Dump Cart will cost you over $150 at your local home improvement store.  Here are some pics of the project. Total cost for the project, less than $25.

Shelf has been dismantled.
Beginning of the assembly using the parts and screws to form the shape.
Side view
Underneath assembly

Another view of it underneath, almost there.
This is that front part, where it will be pulled.
Taking shape
Back view
Front view
A series of pictures of the final product
He took it with him on his last trip to the farmhouse.
And there you have it, a homemade tow dump cart or garden cart.