As I write this post, I am indulging on one of my favorite candy of all time – Mary Jane (along with Squirrel Nut, Mars MM’s, and Hershey Kisses).  This cute candy has been around since I can remember, it was my favorite candy when I was a kid, it still is.  It is made by the New England Confectionery Company (Necco) in Revere, MA. Mary Janes’ have not changed in all these years, it tastes the same and it looks the same – and I like that.  Eating a Mary Jane is a blast from the past and brings me the greatest memories.  To me Mary Jane candy speaks of simplicity and good times. 

Mary Janes’ are made with molasses and peanut butter; the texture is similar to taffy, but creamier.  It is probably not good for my diet and it probably doesn’t have much nutritional value, but it is one of my little and sweetest indulgences, and at five pieces for a 160 calories, I can’t complain – plus I can never eat more than three, since they are full of flavor.  I hope Necco never changes the recipe or the looks – I just love it! I am glad that Mary Janes are still around.

Necco makes a whole bunch of other old-fashioned candy, and I remember many of them.  You can view their website at, if you’d like.  Even the website is so cute, adorned with images of yesteryear and some cool features.  I am not being paid to write this post, but I love Mary Janes.  Today I just realized, that many of my favorite candy came from this company, which I never bothered to know about and only knew as Necco – I just savored their candy.
Here are a few pictures of the Mary Janes I was just eating, in case you don’t know about them.

Hope you enjoyed this post – I did!