Mission Accomplished!  The trailer with our stuff has been delivered and Eddie was able to do some work in the agenda.  He was able to tackle everything on the list with the help of his b-i-l Tony.  Here is what the three-day agenda looked like:

  • Deliver and secure the trailer
  • Cut the grass
  • Trim some trees
  • Clean the old shed and empty its garbage
  • Pour cement on side
  • Get rid of old wood stove and water tank
  • Get rid of any bug nests on the inside and sweep clean
  • Get lawn tractor ready and tuned up for next grass cutting

All of it was done and here are some pics.

The Eagle has landed.
Tony laboring with the old lawn tractor.
Cleanup time!

More cleaning!
And more …
Some cement was poured to fix a tricky area.
Sweeping the old shed.  This shed is very old and made out of logs and mortar.  Eddie built that small wagon by scratch with scrap material – he saved over $150.00.
Beautiful old construction
The old tin roof still looks good on the inside.
The old well has been uncovered – It was covered in wild vines and stuff.
They even had some time to fix and old style railing that was rotted and falling apart.  Needs to be repainted.  The steps have to be cemented to look like the old ones and painted.
This concludes this trip’s agenda.  Soon, we’ll get there.

Hope you enjoyed this posting.