I always like to recommend anything I like.  I have been training myself to live greener over the past year or so.  In the beginning, I dislike the fact that some green products were more expensive than other regular brands – I did not want to pay more to be green.  However, this is not the case, as I have found very good products that are not expensive and do a great job cleaning.  One of this products have been around for a long time – even before the green movement became popular – I am talking about our grandmother’s time, maybe more. In fact, Bon Ami has been around since 1886.  This product is biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and it is pack in 65% post consumer recycling material, and can be disposed off in the recycling bin when you are done.  However, the packaging is so cute that you will be tempted to go the extra mile and use the container as a pencil or pen holder.

Bon ami is a powder cleanser.  It has five simple ingredients – limestone, feldspar, biodegradable cleaning agents from corn, coconut, palm … plus soda ash and baking soda – according to the product label.  Their logo has been a cute little yellow chick and the company’s motto is “Hasn’t scratch yet” – this is because the cleanser is very soft and does not contain any chemicals.  Here is a picture of the product in case you are wondering.  It is very convenient to use and it is inexpensive compared to other more modern green products.

Another convenient product that I like and is not expensive is Pure Citrus.  This is an air freshener that is made of citrus and lavender oil extracts and is 100% natural, non aerosol, and not tested on animals.  In addition, it is made in the USA. Here is a picture of it.
Pure Citrus air freshener
As I am learning to reduce my footprint on this planet I am testing some products and sticking with my favorites – These two I will keep using.  There are also more natural ways to clean and freshen up your home by using natural ingredients in raw form – but if you are looking for convenience, these will do.