I had a mural in my bedroom that I loved.  It is a picture of the shore as viewed thru a window.  When we added a second level to our current home, I was sad to know that I would lose the mural when the paneling in the walls came down.  Eddie had a great idea.  He cut the paneling where the mural was glued on and used the plastic framing of one of the doors that was discarded (reused on another project)to create a framed picture. 

After all, I did not lose the mural I love so much, and now it hangs proudly in the bathroom.  Thanks to Eddie’s recycling project and vision, I can enjoy it for many years to come.  Here is a picture of it, in case one day you face the same dilemma of how to save a glued-on mural from being discarded if you are redoing paneling walls.

Framed with a metal door’s plastic center frame.
The lovely mural is now a piece of paneling that got framed.