Eddie got into the mood of building cat scratchers.  I posted pictures of the first one in a previous post.  He made another one, again using recycled and scrap wood and two small scratch poles that the cats did not care for.  All materials used in this project are from scrap and given a second chance.  We are pleased with the results, and so are the felines. 
Here are pictures of the project, some are a bit fuzzy since Eddie took them with the camera in the wrong setting, but it gives you an idea on how to do it. 

Here are some of the scrap wood and part of the cat poles
Another piece – the measurements are what you want them to be, it depends on how big your cats are.  Mine are all big cats, so he built it a bit large.
Attaching the pieces together
Some wood parts have been attached but not permanently – just to show you, as they will have to be covered with carpet remnants.
This is the other part that will be attached to the part that has already been built.
Starting to cover with carpet – the carpet is leftover from when we carpeted the upstairs.
Here is the piece  being covered  – he used screws and staples in the process of covering and attaching the pieces.
The other part has been covered as well.
Side view of the finished product.  He left the rope part uncovered so the cats can scratch it, and attached the toy up top the other pole (these two pieces where from small scratchers that the cats did not pay attention too).
Another view from the other side of the final product.
Hope you enjoy this project and maybe attempt it yourself, if you have kitties.