We are back to Jersey and proud to say that we accomplished most of the items in our list.  We work hard for two days putting more than 12 hour workdays, and headed back on Monday.  It was truly a work of love and we are exhausted.  We set out to create a garden, caulking, nailing the siding, put some solar lights, paint a shed, cut grass, fix the lawn tractor (that had a rag stuck on the blades and a missing wheel), do some cement work, cut some trees around the shed, clean some garbage and old metal cabinets,and fix the porch posts.  
From that list the only items we could not tackle due to lack of more time was the cement work and the porch posts.  The rest, Eddie and I completed in 16 hours of work. 

As promised on previous posts, here are the pictures for this trip agenda. 

We packed the truck to the max.

The truck was full with no more space to spare

The first thing in my agenda was to put a wreath on the fixed door.  Below is a picture of what this door used to look like when we first bought the house.
The porch before
Much better now, an improvement but still in the process.
The garden – well, there was no garden, only overgrown weeds – used to look like this after we cleared a path to the entrance on July.
We have been fixing a bit on our last trip and on this trip we finally created a bit of a garden.  We will continue to improve it over time.  Here is what it looks like now.
We added a stone bench and a birdbath.
Another bench area was created
A few garden bricks. solar lights, and garden sculptures.  The plants that we planted on July are still thriving.
Here are more pics of the improvements.  Please refer to older posts for what it used to look like.
We added some garden rocks with a positive message
We even added a flag (I only had a 4th of July flag – it will have to do for now)
All the material for the garden was recycled from our garden in Jersey.  In addition, we painted the old shed, and these are before and after pictures.
We cleared all the overgrown bushes around it, painted it and put a couple of accessories on the front.  This area is our homage to the Jersey Shore.
We took a part of what was left from the kitchen counters and used it as a ramp for the new shed.
It works well.  It is covered on metal and formica, so it will last a while.
We also put two security solar lights, which we tested and work great.
One light in the front
Another light on the side towards the back
After we were done we checked our efforts so far and were able to converse a bit with some neighbors who came to see the progress.  So far the house transformation has gone from this
We still have a long way to go, but little by little we will accomplish our goal.  One more thing, we had set a budget of $550 for this trip for all costs including gas and food.  We are happy to say that we came under budget, at $497.00 and change.

Our search for the simple life has taken us on a journey that we thought we could not make, now we know that we can – yes, we can.