We love our felines and we are always trying to make their lives with their human companions happier.  Eddie decided to make a cat gym and scratcher since the old one was already worn and not that stable. Cat gyms can be very expensive and cost hundreds of dollars, so he decided to build one with scrap wood and recycled pieces of carpet.  The result was a cat gym that they love and much better than the one they had.  Here are pictures of the process from beginning to end.  If you have cats, this is very easy to do and takes just a few hours, maybe less if you are very handy.  Your cats will love it. 

It started with the design on paper
Materials included scrap wood
Marking the wood
Taking shape, building a box
Starting to look like something cats would like
Almost there
Sunny is curious.
Piewackett checks it out too.
The final product with an inclined scratcher for hours of happy scratching!  We may add a soft pad for sleeping at the bottom and maybe hang a mouse or two.