This post is about the metal shed that we installed at the farmhouse and all the troubles that we had.  Lesson learned:  It is better to build your own.  The one that we bought is and Arrow 10×8 High Point model # 274588.  The affordable price of $298 tantalized us and we were sold.  We were dealing with a limited cash budget and  we needed a shed.  We thought that it would be a piece of cake for two people to assemble.  We were wrong.  The thing came in many pieces, it had tons of screws and bolts.  We had to build a floor for it.  After realizing that it was impossible for two people to assemble it, we ask our nephew Eric to help.  It was difficult to put it together even with three people holding the flimsy and bendable parts.  It took two days to assemble it – and three people.

The worst was that the parts did not seem to align well, the instructions were not clear, the holes did not align, some screws were damaged,and the part numbers that were written in black ink erased with the thunderstorm – the ink completely dissolved.  Many times we had to disassemble parts to be able to attached other parts that later, the instructions brought to light.  Putting this thing together was a nightmare.
The most difficult part was the roof.  Even climbing on the truck to get more height did not help; it was impossible to attach the middle part – every time Eddie leaned lightly on it, the roof panel went in and bended.  He had to disassemble part of the roof – again – to be able to fasten the middle.  We were frustrated, and tired, hungry too.  We stayed under the rain – did not care – we had to assemble the monster, to tame the beast.  And finally, we did.  Once it was all assembled, it felt more sturdy.  We still think that it needs reinforcements on the roof and sides, otherwise it may cave in at the first heavy snow storm.  Here is a picture of it.

The tamed monster – it is not that simple.
Once we assembled it, we headed to get rid of some metal cabinets from the kitchen to be recycled.  It was our last day and it had to be done.  The rain started again and it poured, we were on the main road when the wind picked up one of the cabinets from the truck and just threw it on the middle of the lane we were driving.  We thank GOD that no one was driving close behind.  We stopped, picked the heavy thing up and put it back on the truck and tied it well.  We were drenched, under a bad lighting storm, but feeling lucky.