It has been a couple of months since we closed on the farmhouse.  We have not been able to do anything with it, yet.  Right now, we are up to 0 on the speed dial, and I would like to see some progress soon – I am getting a bit edgy.  We will be taking a trip soon to do as much as we can in just a couple of days.  I realize that this will take long, possibly a year – counting from the day of closing.  Mainly, because we will do most of the job ourselves, and it will have to be done with no credit cards involved, no credit or extra debt – only cash.  Most likely, we will think of a project, save for it, travel, and do it.  So I expect to have months of waiting period in between projects.

However, in the meantime we have been looking for some materials, and thinking of ways to reuse others.  The materials for the entire bathroom are already taken care off and so is most of the kitchen – the cost so far is under $1,000 – and that is including all the valances for the windows in the entire house.  Not bad in my opinion.
Because gas is going up again, the gas expenses for the trip will be a bit costly.  I expect them to be around $500.00 or so – but we do not have much control over that area.

I will continue to share our progress, and will post pictures of the jobs done.  Even that for now it seems that our speed is at 0, in reality, we are getting up to speed.