Eddie has finally finished restoring the Lawnmower Tractor and it looks spectacular!  He did a great job with it – amazing!  And as promised, here are the pictures of the restoration and the finished product.  For a background on how we got this tractor at a super cheap price refer to my earlier post – Making the Old New – Thursday December 17, 2009.

Here are the pictures of the restoration – before and after.

This one and what follows, are before pictures.
The following pictures are from the after.
 Looks like a brand new tractor now!
The following pictures are from the begining to end of the restoration – the process.

 Starting to put everything back.
And again, the final product.
This was definitely a labor of love.  The total cost of the project including what we paid for the tractor and the ramp for it, was $236.00 – Not bad.  It runs good and Eddie gave it a good tune-up.  We saved over a thousand dollars by doing this project.
Hope you enjoyed this restoration!