So we are getting ready for the closing on Tuesday the 9th, and we just heard that the last two people that had to sign and mail the documents did that yesterday – the signature took a month.  Hopefully we will get everything in time for the most awaited day – but there is a forecast of tons of snow for the area – and it already started – and I am praying that the documents get there in time.  There might be a second storm for that Tuesday, I am not sure about that, last I heard.Let’s see what happens. 

In the meantime we have been thinking about how to heat the place, the cheapest and most efficient way.  We are trying to decide between a wood stove or a pellet stove.  They both have their pros and cons.  A pellet stove is cleaner, puts out less air polution, is not as messy as a wood stove, and it is also economical – a normal winter season will cost about $500.00 in pellets.  The amount of snow in the area right now and about a month ago is not the norm for that part of the country.  On the other hand wood is free, and a wood stove will cost $0.00 in fuel, especially when you have acres of trees in your backyard.  Wood stoves are cheaper in price than pellet stoves.  Also cutting your own wood is hard work and you have to be at least a season ahead on your wood supply.  The reason is that you have to let the wood “season” to get rid of the moisture.  Moisture may cause smoke in your stove.  Pellets stoves produce less ash and creosote (a fire hazard) than wood stoves.  So taking all this into consideration the decision is hard to make.  If you have experience on these type of stoves, please feel free to comment here; it will help us make the best decision.