Yesterday, I told you that we were the opposite to procrastinators, and that is true.  Usually, we jump the hoops ahead of time, which can be a good or a bad thing.  Well, in anticipation of a closing date where we would have to drive south, with minimal notice (this is not the usual closing), Eddie decided to buy a lawn tractor at a great price.  What does a Lawn Tractor has to do with closing? – you may be thinking.  Aha!  Anything and Everything.

See, the thing is that the place is full of weeds and wild outgrown vegetation, that the city may consider a “problem” after the closing.  We have a lawn mower, but that won’t be enough, it will take major effort.  So we decided to shop around for a used older model lawn tractor since we cannot pay a thousand dollars or more for a new one.  Our budget was under $150.00.  Many Craig’s List ads later, we found it – in Cranford, NJ.  We hopped in the car, followed Lilly’s prompts (Lilly is the navigator), and bought it.  The friendly owner, gave us a discount because he couldn’t get it to start.  We got it for $100.00 – with brand new replacement parts (blades, belts and other).  We took the chance because Eddie, an excellent mechanic would be able to figure it out – and he did.  Proudly, we drove back home with our fantastic purchase, and restoration began.  After Eddie is done cleaning and painting it, it will look brand new.  But for now, I will show you the pictures of our fantastic find. 

Restoration begins!
The front.
Once it gets a good paint job, I will post more pics.  So far with the free replacement parts, its working fine.